Are You a Good Candidate for SEO Consulting? Not every company is in the right position to make use of an SEO consulting firm. The best fits for NLmedia — where we are consistently able to add significant value — include companies in these situations: Companies that lack an SEO strategy or SEO expertise, but [...]


Summary The monthly SEO report should begin with an executive summary of the progress of the campaign strategy to date. It should state in clear terms what the agency said it was going to do, what actions were actually completed, and what activities are slated for the next month. Analysis Strong SEO reports don't merely [...]


1. Production Tracking SEO campaigns involve a wide range of activities, some of which proceed independently of others, and others contingent on prior tasks being completed. Production tracking monitors which tasks have been completed, which tasks are in progress, which tasks need input from the client or internal staff members, and which need client approval. [...]


Who Makes Up an Agency SEO Production Team? Account managers own the client relationship. They conduct client calls and meetings, manage email communications, oversee and coordinate internal and external activities, create campaign goals with the client, communicate inputs and outputs, and own campaign performance results. They are highly skilled in project management and communication. Account coordinators support [...]


Since the ultimate purpose of an SEO strategy company is to generate leads or revenue for its clients, we build every campaign within a strategic framework aimed at maximizing the quantity and quality of the organic website traffic it generates. What follows is a detailed, step-by-step look at the methodology behind our SEO strategy services. [...]


Keyword Research Keyword research is the process of shrinking the universe of relevant keywords down to a manageable set of the most effective keywords to optimize. Among the most important criteria to research: User's intent. The keyword phrase "benefits of life insurance" indicates an intention to learn. The keyword phrase "compare life insurance premiums" indicates an intention [...]