If you are looking for an experienced, professional development agency, look no further! NLmedia has been doing website design for over a decade, delivering websites with superior lead generation power and SEO effectiveness.

Specialists in custom website development services, our team is proficient in all aspects of the front-end and back-end skills needed for affordable lead generation websites, including responsive Web design and open source technologies.

Beyond technical expertise, our staff is proficient in the key areas that make your new website successful, including SEO, user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Why NLmedia Is a Leading Custom Web Development Agency

Expertise & Experience
Our full-time, professional, in-house development team is highly skilled in responsive Web design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, Git, DrupalWordPress, Apache and Linux. The success of your project never depends on the availability or skills of a single individual.

Focus on Lead Generation
Unlike many Web developers, we offer a full suite of Internet marketing services. We apply our knowledge of SEO, UX and CRO to every project, so that your new, mobile-friendly website is configured for maximum exposure and conversion capability.

Proven, Documented Process
Website projects are complex and require detailed planning and execution. Our proven, time-tested and documented process enables us to maintain a consistently high level of quality while meeting deadlines and keeping your project on budget.

About WordPress Web Design

WordPress is one of the world’s leading open-source contact management systems. It is probably the most popular blogging platform in existence, and also performs well for company websites with light to medium technical requirements. Besides offering users a virtually unlimited number of high-quality design templates and functional plugins, WordPress is also known for having very strong SEO functionality “right out of the box.”

Thus, for companies interested in having a website that looks great and generates leads, a custom WordPress site is an excellent option — if the right WordPress services provider is selected to build it.

Why NLmedia Is the Best in the WordPress Design Business

Although we work with clients in all B2B and B2C niches, they have one thing in common: a strong desire to generate more online sales leads through their websites. Our deep experience in WordPress design and lead generation-driven Internet marketing make us especially well-suited to building websites that make the most out of WordPress’s potential.

  • Maximize Your SEO Potential. As we mentioned, WordPress has a strong SEO configuration, but it still takes a great deal of technical expertise to leverage it to full advantage. Our track record as SEO marketing specialists is second to none, and our experienced team of SEO technicians and developers is engaged in every WordPress design project.
  • Maximize Your Conversion Potential. SEO is crucial, but doesn’t stand alone. Unless your website incorporates best practices for user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO), all of that organic traffic won’t translate into a single lead. Again, our expert Internet marketing ability enables us to make your new WordPress website a selling machine — and isn’t that what you really want to be paying for?
Benefits of a WordPress Website

WordPress is the leading open-source CMS (content management system) for a reason … actually for a number of reasons. If you are unsure which platform is best suited to your needs, consider the following:

  • Ease of Use — WordPress is renowned for simplicity, elegant design and intuitive functionality. If your team includes people with limited technical computer skills, they will still be able to use WordPress with ease.
  • Scalability — Because WordPress offers a multitude of plugins for additional functionality, your WordPress website can grow with your business — greatly preferable to needing a whole new website every time your company reaches a new plateau.
  • Multiple Access and Security — If you have multiple employees or business partners working on your website, WordPress makes providing multiple access and maintaining the appropriate controls easy, to ensure users can touch only the parts of the website for which they are authorized.
  • Innovation — As an open-source platform, WordPress is supported by millions of users around the world. This facilities rapid, ongoing improvement in functionality and performance. For a moderate cost, you get the maximum in technical website capability.
Business Website Design

Our web design services for business have several standout features you are not likely to find elsewhere:

1. Design & Content Customization
Many website design companies for small businesses resort to bland stock photography and canned design templates, which only serve to give your company a bland, canned, generic image. Such an image does not make you stand out and does not inspire conversions. Our web design team gives you fully customized website design and content that presents your brand uniquely, powerfully and persuasively.

2. Focus on Lead and Revenue Generation
Having a beautiful website with excellent content is Step One — and we do it well! However, wouldn’t you like to get a return on your website investment? Our business website design company also manages Internet marketing campaigns. As a result, our web design team knows the importance of website conversions — sales leads — and how to weave conversion-driving elements into your website.

3. SEO-Ready
If you’re doing SEO or think you might down the road, you need a website built to support an SEO campaign. As a business website design company that also manages SEO marketing campaigns, we know everything there is to know about building you an SEO-ready website. It will save you a lot of time and money down the road, and may even help improve your organic search visibility immediately after launch, whether or not you have an SEO campaign underway.

4. Mobile-Friendly
NLmedia is an expert in responsive website design, a technique that allows your site to adjust automatically for optimal viewing on desktops, tablets and screens. Mobile-friendliness is a must-have feature in business website design, and we know how to deliver it, inside and out.

5. Rapid Project Turnaround
As a small business or startup, you don’t have time to get mired down in prolonged, complicated, inefficient web design projects. Our web design services for small business are structured for speed, efficiency and economy. Your project will be coordinated by a trained project manager skilled in workflow processes and communication. Our constant goal is to complete your website on time, on budget and meeting every one of your project objectives. Depending on the scope of your new site, project start to launch can be as fast as 30 days.

6. Full-Time, In-House Staff
The people building your website will be full-time employees of our small-business website design company. Our designers, developers and copywriters have worked together for years. And being that we rely on full-time employees rather than freelancers or independent agents, our agency has the ability to keep attention focused where needed and keep your project on track.

Level the Playing Field With a Great New Website

Your small business is likely competing against larger companies with greater marketing resources and the ability to create websites that impress visitors.

However, you can make your company look professional, expert and just plain big — with a customized, professionally executed website. We are eager to help you level the playing field and start using your website to generate leads and revenue.