NL Media offers an individual focus on client’s unique needs from marketing plans and strategies to online advertising and internet marketing solutions. The business has grown from strength to strength. We strive to create interactive online and related marketing products that provide exposure for clients through leadership brands and advertising opportunities. We offer are range of digital media services, from conventional banner and e-mail advertising to mobile, paid search (Google advertising), organic search engine e-marketing and everything in between!

Our approach is simple:
•Create and establish your digital presence (website, mobi site or micro site)
•Drive potential clients to your site through digital advertising
•Convert a visitors into a customer through leads
•Measure, optimize and improve on existing digital components

Establish your digital presence
Website design & development
With our combined experience in graphic design, website development and e-commerce programming, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our web developers can deliver on time and on budget.

 Mobi site design & development

The process is very simple, we take your existing website and optimize the text and images for mobile devices. We then create a sub domain for the mobi website and add a script that redirects all mobile traffic to the mobi version of your site.

 Support & Maintenance:
We can increase the performance of your site – guarantied! Let us do the necessary optimization to ensure your site is better equipped to handle your traffic and customer service queries. We’ll also improve your overall site performance, stability and robustness.

 Drive potential clients to your site

 Online advertising
Once upon a time, companies spent their advertising budgets on TV, radio, in the newspapers, or on flyers. The companies advertised so that the public would be aware of their products and would buy them in the stores.

We create measurable online and related digital products that provide exposure for clients through leadership brands and advertising opportunities. Extending our current product offering, we have joined forces with some of the leading online publications to offer our clients even better value and exposure.

 Paid search advertising / Google Advertising
Google AdWords is the greatest tool in our arsenal, and all our super heroes are AdWords experts (not the self proclaimed kind) and are capable of taking your product, services or even existing campaigns and making them soar to new heights. We also have developed a vast array of special tools and systems in our secret lair to ensure that your campaigns are given 100% attention and you are not just another number.

 Organic SEO (Search engine optimization)
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Our team is capable of doing effective Search Engine Optimisation on your website. Increase your chances to appear at the top of search engines.

 Email marketing
Effective Email Marketing services are still one of the most valuable and cost effective online marketing tools available. It can be targeted to specific user demographics to deliver a customized and personalized mailer to the consumer’s inbox.

 Convert visitors to leads
Having an effective call to action is an essential part of any website. A call to action is not just limited to ecommerce sites. Every website, micro site or mobi site should have an objective it wants users to complete a contact or sales lead form.

A call to action provides…
•Focus to your site
•A way to measure your sites success
•Direction to your users

About Us
NL MEDIA is the brain child of Ricardo Correia. If the goal was to create an agency that would be able to cater to its clients on a personal level, yet simultaneously be large enough to have the ability to handle any and all requests from our clients no matter what advertising medium they chose to engage their customers in.
We accomplish this by having in-house artistic and campaign managing teams which directly assist our clients with their campaign outlines and strategies. The in-house team consists of talented professional designers, and advertising strategists with marketing experience that are extremely passionate about what they do. These individuals draw up the campaign blueprints with you and when the ideal strategy has been chosen we carefully select from our artist network the right people to handle the campaign.
By working closely with dozens of artists, copywriters, and web designers, each with their own niche and appropriate skill-set within the industry we avoid limiting you to the creative abilities of just a few people that most agencies usually assign to a project.

“The big advertising firm of the 1960’s is dead, it’s time to take a step back and bring the personal business to business relationship back into the equation” -Fast Company Magazine

Founding Statement
Founded in the late 2007, NL Media is a South African based Advertising & Publishing firm that leverages strategic marketing, search engine optimization, both print and web design and other creative media to create a high impact brand experience. From billboards to the web, we aim to simplify the marketing experience so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
Our unique combination of passion, enthusiasm, creativity and project management skills make Alt Marketing clearly stand out above the rest. Although our main office is in Kwa-zulu Natal, we also operate out of Johannesburg (Gauteng) and Cape Town.
Where we’ve developed, planed and launched campaigns for businesses of all sizes over the last few years. Working close with the plethora of the experienced individuals in the area allows us to stay on top of trends and therefore to achieve incredible results for our clients across a variety of industries.